Wimbo Wa 'KIDOGO' Wa Diamond Platnumz Mashabiki Wa P-Square Huko Nigeria Wapagawa Kwa Shangwe Na Furaha Na Kutoa Maoni Yao Kwa Undani Zaidi Soma Hapa.

realijeoma_angel Pls dear @ Peter mrp, pls my love make peace with ur twin forget and forgive what ever he may hv done to u, God him self hv never given up on u of all ur shot comings, why will u do so to someone special like ur twin, haba pls the devil is at work to bring shame to ur name but don’t allow him to do so, pls I will love to see u guys back together again. Pls am begging you.

agasi_ayo You see life @rudeboypsquare … @peterpsquare like the song plus the video dance and some attitude wow it’s great @peterpsquare pls release your single we want to hear it.

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