Music | Mbegu Mbaya Ft Denvor - Ruoth Ema Nyalo

RUOTH EMA NYALO by Mbegu Mbaya (Lang' Katalang' & Critical Kondishon ) ft Denvor is a Gospel tune that touches mainly on the Lord's journey mercies in our day to day movements or even activities.The song which has a sing along chorus begins with the Lord's Prayer in place of Critical Kondishon's verse 1 as Lang' Katalang grabs verse 2 with a bit of some creative and very  spiritual comedy  .Denvor however finishes the song with another thanksgiving prayer so relevant to the theme.This song is however linked to the recent road accident attempt that would have befallen Mbegu Mbaya along Thika Road a few weeks ago.Otherwise Ruoth Ema nyalo is a Luo phrase that stands in for MUNGU ANAWEZA in swahili or alternatively,GOD IS ABLE .Produced by Cedric of Protocol Studios.

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