Catch Diamond ( @DiamondPlatnumz ) On E! VIP Special Hosted By Abby Plaatjes ( @MzzAbby )

For the past two weeks E! Africa has been showcasing the E! VIP series which gives you, the viewer, an intimate look into African celebrities lives. This Sunday, June 26, Abby Plaatjes sits down with Africa's Pop Icon, Diamond Platinumz for an in depth look into this super stars life and success.

Starting from humble beginnings Diamond Platinumz success story is not only intriguing but him maintaining his humility is a side to the star we hardly ever see.

Abby Plaatjes, South African Media Personality based in Tanzania, has been doing  a series of interviews for the second season of E! VIP and manages to skillfully make the celebrities so comfortable we get to experience their true personalities and find a more humorous
The second season of E! Africas E!VIP series is showcased every Sunday at 9PM CAT. Diamond Platinumz, Tanzanias gem, has his turn this Sunday, June 26 on DSTV Channel 124. Not to be missed.
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